SITREP (Situation Report) is defined as “an update to an existing report, issued as conditions change or events begin to unfold.” Put simply, it’s a method of keeping everyone informed.

Now that that is out of the way on to business. . .
So, the Bergevin Lane tasting went very well. Thank you to all of you who attended. Special thank yous go out to Annette and Amber who came and talked and shared wine and food and fun with all of us. Special thank yous to Tim Rogan and Cisca Van Heezik who shard their company their laughter and their grapes. Had it not been for the four afore mentioned individuals none of this would have been possible. I am told the food was pretty good and matched up OK. I can only hope that my food did not take anything away from the wines, which were wonderful. For those of you that missed the tasting, we still have a few wines left. The Princess Syrah (from Tim and Cisca’s vineyard) is still available in limited quantities. We also have the amazing Viognier, if you have not yet tried this wine you are going to hate yourself when it is gone. Seriously. We also have a few bottles left of the 2004 Oiu Deux Syrah which is now sold out at the winery. I do not expect any of these wines to hang around for long.

In other news, our UTZ potato chips have arrived. For those of you that know UTZ we have bags in all sizes, we know how you are with these. For those of you that have not tried UTZ chips, what are you waiting for? UTZ is THE best chip out there. Someone commented to me once that they thought potato chips were a bit downmarket for me. To which I replied “you haven’t tasted them yet”. The thing that make UTZ great is that the chip tastes like, wait for it, potato! Not salt, not grease, just potato. There are three ingredients to UTZ Potatoes, Oil, Salt. No preservatives, no nothing. Just a great chip. We also have the gourmet medley that comes with three flavours and colours.

Monteillet Fromagerie has been gracing us with a few cheeses recently. We will have in stock this weekend fresh chevre, Cardabelle, Provencal, and we still have at least one Le Roi Noir. Their cheeses are always a treat, and we are happy to have some to share. We are breaking into a Neal’s Yard cheddar today Lincolnshire Poacher. This one has been ageing for a while and is sure to be very delicious. We also just received a new wheel of Red Leicester which we will be breaking into soon. Stay tuned here for more details. We also have a great supply of fresh Buffalo Milk Mozzarella!

Lots of fresh produce is in right now including Hermiston Melons, Blackberries, Arugula, many fresh herbs (thyme, marjoram, chives), Fresh Basil, and FIGS! Figs are finally here and they are beautiful. Check in frequently as we get new items in everyday.

Lastly, our outdoor seating has been approved by the city, and construction (barring any unforeseen problems) should begin this next week. We will keep you updated here and might just post pictures too. Once the outdoor patio is in we hope to be able to serve wine and beer soon too. Again we will keep you posted as things progress.

As summer winds down and fall approaches we have many new and exciting plans in the works for Salumiere Cesario. Keep your browser pointed here for the latest news and updates. Cheers.

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