Long, long ago in a far away land there stood the Palace of Pork. And though the meats were divine, and it was open most of the time, the Prince was a bit of a dork. For he liked to make rhymes at inopportune times and disliked the use of his fork.

His meats were, agreed, the best of their kind, to be found anywhere, in his kingdom. With garlic and fennel, mace and clove, his salumi was flavored to perfection. Far across the land, would he seek these fine meats, and for his customers, go and fetch them.

With a knife and a slicer he would carve piles of meats and no one they said did it nicer. Carefully packaged and wrapped, with paper of white and a sticker placed just so, he would send out his wares, for those who did care, about what they packed on the go.

But he needed some meats, that were quite tasty eats, that could be taken on the run. Without slicing and wrapping, (someone started clapping), these meats could be purchased with haste. Creminelli! He thought, would be the right spot, to find some amazing salumi. Barolo, Felino, Sopressata, Cingale, all were fantastic and quite small-a.

So the Prince of Pork announced to his people that Creminelli would be his new staple. And the Palace of Pork was the talk of the town, but he’s still not doing bacon with maple. . . Cheers.

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