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Olive Oil Blog Archive

  • Loads of new inventory!
    We have just received a few shipments from some of our favorite suppliers, and we are so happy!  Our shelves are full of some fantastic yumminess, and we encourage you...
  • Olio Novello
    We have just received several different Olio Novello from Italy and Spain. Pianogrillo from Sicily has a deep smell of green tomato and just cut grass, a trace of artichoke....
  • What is QUALITY?
    This seems to be a common question in my life so I thought I would muse a bit over it here, please feel free to add your comments. What is...
  • Fair and Frontier Days! and Olive Oil!
    Shoot dern. Well it’s fair time here in Walla Walla again, that means Demolition Derbies, Rodeos, and a really good chance that your are going to get sick eating fair...
    OK. I am gonna preface this with the the following statement: ” I will not be held responsible or accountable for any shipping delays, missing items or any thing else...
  • The good, the bad, and the ugly… news.
    We received our order from the east coast on Monday evening. We are stocked full of olives and olive oil, sweet and hot paprika, fig cakes, orange cakes, lemon cakes,...
  • Liquid Gold… or green
    Our Olive Oil Bar is now open and ready for all those looking for great oil and less waste. Waste? you ask? Yes, waste. Every time you buy a bottle...
  • Friday Lunch Special
    Okay. We are running a lunch special this Friday May 16, 2008. This is limited. I am not making a huge quantity, so if you want it come in early....
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